Greece !!!

Internationally respected as the cradle of western civilization, Greece is a beautiful country rich in culture and heritage and the birthplace of the Olympics.
Appreciated for its magnificent natural beauty and famous for its warm hospitality, Greece invites you to fall in love with it.

Camp Kinderland !!!

Kinderland is located on a beautifully landscaped property near the town of Kalamos, Attica. Only 45 minutes northeast of Athens, it sits in a picturesque setting just 3 kilometers from the beautiful Aegean sea. Mountain and sea combine to create a perfect harmony in this superb location.

Camp Kinderland just celebrated its 50th anniversary!!!
In this 120-hectare paradise, campers will find everything and will enjoy their visit to Greece to the fullest.
Camp Kinderland is one of the most reputable and contemporary camps worldwide.

Stay at Camp Kinderland and get to know Greece!!!

Sessions - Summer 2017

22 day Program (Insurances - Companies - Associations)
A’: 17/6 (Saturday) - 8/7 (Saturday)
B’: 9/7 (Sunday) - 30/7 (Sunday)
C’: 31/7 (Monday) - 21/8 (Monday)

OAED 15 day Program
A’: 18/6 (Sunday) - 2/7 (Sunday)
Β’: 24/6 (Saturday) – 8/7 (Saturday)
C’: 2/7 (Sunday) - 16/7 (Sunday)
D’: 16/7 (Sunday) - 30/7 (Sunday)
Ε’: 23/7 (Sunday) – 6/8 (Sunday)
F’: 28/7 (Friday) - 11/8 (Friday)
G’: 6/8 (Sunday) - 20/8 (Sunday)

For reservations call us at +30 210 3618850 or submit the online form.