At Camp Kinderland all our facilities are exceptional, ample and very well maintained.

We offer a variety of living quarters that are roomy, comfortable, clean and environmentally friendly.

Clean shower, toilet and laundry facilities provide an atmosphere with all the comforts of home.


Our experienced, multilingual, caring and well-trained staff is another great strength. Kinderland employs an exceptional, multilingual staff. About 70% of them are returnees. All are hired through a rigorous and personal interview process.


Communication in Kinderland is most convenient. Wireless internet spots available. Great mobile phone reception. Also, campers may purchase telephone cards and use them to call home anytime.


Sessions of 1 to 3 weeks are offered during June, July and August. Different scheduling options are available for groups.


Round-trip transportation can be arranged from the Athens metropolitan area for group visits. Those groups that arrive at the Athens International Airport are greeted and escorted to the camp.

Custom-made programming

Do you have special requests? We are more than willing and able to discuss them with you and arrange special programs that satisfy your needs.

Sessions - Summer 2017

22 day Program (Insurances - Companies - Associations)
A’: 17/6 (Saturday) - 8/7 (Saturday)
B’: 9/7 (Sunday) - 30/7 (Sunday)
C’: 31/7 (Monday) - 21/8 (Monday)

OAED 15 day Program
A’: 18/6 (Sunday) - 2/7 (Sunday)
Β’: 24/6 (Saturday) – 8/7 (Saturday)
C’: 2/7 (Sunday) - 16/7 (Sunday)
D’: 16/7 (Sunday) - 30/7 (Sunday)
Ε’: 23/7 (Sunday) – 6/8 (Sunday)
F’: 28/7 (Friday) - 11/8 (Friday)
G’: 6/8 (Sunday) - 20/8 (Sunday)

For reservations call us at +30 210 3618850 or submit the online form.

Video Kinderland

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